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The Start

by Kelsey Peterson April 21, 2016

The Start

Dreams and hard work, that is what I am pouring into Kenna's Boutique. I have been immeresed in the boutique world for a few years now and my passion for fashion and making women feel beautiful grows each year. I have big dreams for Kenna's and I pray that God will bless this adventure and that Kenna's will be able to reach women of all ages in all areas of the world. 


We are starting out small and my goal is to go from just a small selection of 10-12 pieces to 100's. With the support of family, friends, and followers I know that Kenna's will be a great success and I want to thank everyone now and in the future for all your love and business. 



To give back each year to local and national charities.

To design and sell clothing and decor that encourages and draws people to faith.

To inspire women to be as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside and visa-versa. 

Kelsey Peterson
Kelsey Peterson